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Happy August Long Weekend

1 August 2022

Happy August Long Weekend to you all – things are gearing up once again for another teaching year. I’m happy to report that all systems are back to in-person business as usual at the BU School of Music (masks suggested, but not required) – come Labour Day, my schedule at present is looking very much like it did three years ago:

Wed. 5pm-6pm: Book 1-2 Suzuki Group – Room 1-57 (R.D. Bell Choral Hall)

Wed. 6pm-7pm: Book 3-5 Suzuki Group – Room 1-57 (R.D. Bell Choral Hall)

Thu. 5:15-6:15: Conservatory Guitar Ensemble – Room 1-57 (R.D. Bell Choral Hall)

Private Lessons: at agreed-upon times between Students and Instructor – Studio 0-07

My virtual door remains very much open to distance teaching via Zoom – please contact me for details.

One new development to report in the website department: I’ve written some articles in the past, some of which have not found published homes – until now. Click here for some of my recent (and not-so-recent) inksheddings on guitar teaching, the first offering being an article I wrote a while ago on using a metronome successfully.

Cheers for now, mes amis – be kind to each other.


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