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Best of the New Year, friends

Best of the New Year, friends. I hope the Yuletide season of 2021 was everything that you wished it to be.

Well, I seem to have called it on the last entry: Two weeks ago, The Conservatory’s Suzuki Talent Education Program decided to move group instruction back online until the University’s reading week (20-25 February), by which time it is hoped that the Omicron Variant of COVID-19 will have run its course (and will not have been replaced by yet another mutation) – it was left to individual instructors to decide whether to follow suit with one-on-one lessons; just about all of us have done so.

I’m choosing to look at the positives of this development: 1) As long as my home internet keeps body and soul together, I can do my work without leaving my house (not a bad thing when it’s -35C outside!); 2) I can keep in regular contact with my awesome students, knowing that we’re all doing our best to keep one another healthy; 3) With every week, I’m getting progressively more comfortable and confident with on-line teaching, and excited about the possibilities that it presents.

Looking for an experienced guitar teacher, but geography working against you? Drop me a line at – we can make it happen!

Take care of yourselves and each other, gang, and we’ll chat again soon – hopefully on the receding end of Omicron…


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