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23 December 2021

23 December 2021

And so we’ve made it to the end of another term and almost another calendar year – Happy Tibb’s Eve to all my Newfoundland friends (please make sure that one of your party stays on the wagon, b’ys – Impaired Driving is no laughing matter).

I reckon that it’s been a decent term, all things considered. The Suzuki Guitar numbers are up (almost double) from last year, and it was truly fantastic being able to work with the kidlets in person again. We’ll see how things pan out for January – I fear the big guy in the red suit has brought us a nasty lump of coal in the form of the Omicron Variant. Gawd, but I’ve had enough of this damn pandemic… Depending on what Provincial health guidelines (and Brandon University mandates) have to say, we may well be back on-line for a bit in the New Year – as I have mentioned, it’s not my preferred means of delivering a guitar program, but the good news is that it’s now familiar ground, and we now know that it’s possible to do meaningful work in this manner. We’ve made it work before, and we’ll make it work again, even if for no other reason than to keep the kids, parents, and teachers in regular contact with one another. Ultimately, it’s all about the community anyway, pandemic or no.

Mask up, vaccinate if you can, and lavez-vous les mains, mes amis – have a safe and happy holiday season. May your hearts grow large from the people you have around you, and may the rest of you grow large from foods that you love. Take care of each other, and we’ll chat again on the other side of New Year’s Eve.

Feliz Navidad;


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