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Happy November, friends

22 November 2021

Happy November, friends. Not a whole lot to report of late – hence the delay in updates. Well… that, and the as-yet unexplained disappearance of my website… At any rate, we’re back online here in MadrygaGuitarLand.

I’m happy to report that we made it back to in-person instruction this fall, with restrictions: No unvaccinated people on campus (save for those with a valid and documented exemption); mask-wearing is still mandatory; social-distancing is still the order of the day. Even with all that, it’s wonderful to sit in the same room with my students again! The remote-learning technology is still a part of our pedegogical lives, however – sick-days and storm days have largely been replaced with Zoom days, and I’m still very much willing to take on students for whom weekly trips to Brandon are not feasible (like, for example, my two students in Dusseldorf, Germany – a bit of an unrealistic commute, that…). Drop me a line if you’re interested, and we’ll set something up.

That’s all for now, gang – Be good to each other; I’ll post again over the Christmas/Yuletide/Festivus break.


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