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7 July 2014

Summer mode – relaxing, bike-riding, working out, bailing water out of my basement…

OK, so I’m not as thrilled about the last one. High-River Season came late to Brandon this year, thanks to a late spring melt and record amounts of rainfall through the month of June, both here and upstream (can someone please ask the agricultural Powers That Be to stop filling in marshes in the Assiniboine basin…?). I’ve had standing water in the basement for the last three weeks – could be a heck of a lot worse, though: glad I don’t own property near the river.

Not too much to report, professionally – starting to piece together the teaching sechedule, repertoire, etc., for September; making plans for a trip back to Calgary in August to teach at the Piano & Guitar Institute @ Mount Royal University. Good times!

Time to start up with home-coach classes for new Suzuki parents – enjoy the season, gang; Heaven knows it’s never long enough!

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